Who are Centreon?

Adopting a new approach to IT monitoring based on an Open Source software framework, Centreon has grown into a leader in business-aware IT monitoring. Its platform is used by enterprise customers and MSP’s around the world to eliminate costly downtime and align their IT operations with their business goals.

What do they do?

By delivering holistic, business-aware, AIOps-ready monitoring, Centreon is enabling digital organisations to reach their business goals. Adopting a philosophy that only 360 view of all of IT Assets can allow an organisation to make intelligent IT and Business decisions Centreon enables innovation and competitive advantage for today’s digital businesses as they grow and innovate. To create great customer experience, IT must operate wherever and on whatever the business touches, calling for monitoring that is both future-proof and comprehensive.

What can they do for our customers?

Businesses need complete visibility on IT for business performance excellence. The Centreon Solution delivers;

  • Automation: A unique combination of IT Automation, Auto-Discovery and Configuration Templating tools to fully automate the process of maintaining the monitoring platform up to date. Service Mapping: Provides functionalities that extract the business context of end-to-end IT workflows, giving straight answer to questions such as: which business operations are currently impacted.
  • Sharing information: Centreon provides a collection of top-down views, from the top-level, business-oriented views all the way down to the most minute details.

Why should I look at them?

If you are looking for more than just a tick in the box in regard to monitoring, if you actually want to deliver real value and differentiate you should be working with Centreon. Centreon helps in regard to a number of business initiatives including;

  • Digital Transformation: In a global 24/7-connected market, IT is mission critical for digital businesses and must be Always-On. No IT, No Business.
  • Everywhere Enterprise: Cloud, Edge, remote work, VPN, distributed applications, e-commerce, unified communications and innovative customer experience are the New Normal.
  • Business Resiliency: Ever-changing and increasingly complex technology calls for IT Operations rationalisation, with less tools for a Better Visibility.

What’s in it for me?

Why Partner with Centreon:

  • A Large Market with Strong Demand: with a 100% indirect go-to-market, partners capitalise on a $49B Market with 7.8% growth.
  • Centreon can help you differentiate and disrupt: Centreon not only have a price advantage over competitors but crucially over “build your own” solutions that are usually not scalable, not comprehensive and difficult to build and maintain. Centreon calculate they can be at ⅓ of the cost here and with at least 3x the value. Add to that they offer a 2x faster time to value compared to other monitoring solutions, you’ll win business.
  • Customer stickiness: Yes you can sell your clients the solution but you can also sell them a service. Monthly revenues that offer real tangible value.
  • Revenue Potential for partners: So cut to the chase, you’ll make money. On top of good margins on software and renewal revenue, Centreon has a 4.5X channel multiplier for the services your customers want, yes, there’s a great services opportunity.


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