Who are Immuniweb?

Immuniweb are a ‘Gartner Cool’ Pen test-as-a-service vendor.

What do they do?

Immuniweb provide a cost effective alternative to traditional, manual, penetration testing across web and mobile apps.

What can they do for our customers?

Save time and money on pen testing…

Traditional pen testing involves a series of simple, yet time consuming tasks. By combining automation with human intelligence, Immuniweb is able to offer Crest certified pen testing at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

Why should I look at them?

Nearly all businesses need to undertake regular pen testing.

Manual testing can be inefficient and expensive, whereas fully automated ‘software only’ solutions can produce high volumes of false positives, or worse… false negatives.

Immuniwebs hybrid approach balances security, efficiency, and cost in a way that traditional and fully automated testing are unable to.

What’s in it for me?

Managed pen testing services opportunities, additional services opportunities, customer ‘stickiness’…

By partnering with Immuniweb, businesses with no pen-test capability have an instant, Crest certified pen test service.

For businesses with pen test capability, Immuniweb provides the ability to scale manual services further by using Immuniweb for less complex testing, thus making testing more profitable.


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