Who are Cyber Risk Aware?

Cyber Risk Aware are a ‘Gartner Cool’ Security Awareness Platform. They are the only behaviour driven awareness platform that delivers training in real time.

What do they do?

CRA looks at user behaviour to deliver contextualised training, in real time, based on what a user has done. This means two individual users may have very different experiences as the content is relevant to individual user needs. This differs to traditional awareness platforms that deliver a set curriculum on a schedule and is proven to be more effective.

What can it do for our customers?

Drive behaviour change. Reduce risk. Save money. Contextualised, real-time training is proven to be significantly more effective in safeguarding businesses from phishing, ransomware, business email compromise and data breaches.

Why should I look at them?

Businesses of all sizes are looking to address security awareness right now, and there are many vendors addressing the issue. In a relatively crowded space, CRA offer something truly unique, that significantly reduces business exposure and adds value by driving behaviour change. CRA’s customers range from 100 user businesses to 120,000 user banks and address the needs of both through various editions of the service.

What’s in it for me?

Managed Services opportunities, recurring revenue, customer ‘stickiness’…

CRA was built with MSP’s in mind.

It provides the opportunity to offer Cyber Essentials services to customers, or to bolster existing Cyber Essentials services.

Security awareness is a great addition to MSP’s looking to increase security capability as it is relatively straightforward for sales teams with limited exposure to security solutions to understand.

CRA is also a great fit for security resellers looking to expand MSS capability due to customer demand and ease of administration.


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